There’s an interconnectivity spree currently going on in the world that’s irresistible. It runs on technology. And it changes everything. How we live. How we move. How we speak. How we interact. How we work.

This singularity affects events as much as it does, devices. By syncing every item big enough to secrete a chip, technology has birthed the ‘Internet of Things’ – a phenomenon so big, it changes the entire game. Little wonder, all the tech giants are pouring billions of dollars into its research, integration, and implementation.

Thing is, the Internet of Things also means the Internet of Law. Of Purpose. Of work. All over the world, the job portfolio of the job-seeker is experiencing major transformations, work locations are losing space areas, computers are getting slimmer, but choices are infinitely numerous.

What does it mean for you? For your line of work?

What does it mean for Legal?

We are not asking for too much. Simply that the Legal industry gets its foot at the door, and secures its seat at the front row.

How can Technology make our lives better?

How can it improve the work that we do?

How can it change our economy and provide a better outlook on things?

We think we may have cracked the code.

We think we’re on to something.We think this changes everything.

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