why are lawyers jumping ship everywhere, leaving the profession?

The beautiful ones are not yet born?
Maybe so, but we can’t say.

The smart ones, however, have been around for quite a while. But they are leaving. Jumping ship. Cross-carpeting. At least from the Legal Industry.

In the last 5 years, in Nigeria alone, the statistics of lawyers who have dumped the profession for other vocations is staggering. Reasons abound. From job dissatisfaction to burnouts, low pay, horrible bosses, unfair employment terms, unbelievable deadlines and expectations, the causes just won’t end.

In Nigeria, personally, we know lawyer colleagues who are now professional cake-preneurs, events organizers, MCs, fashion icons, musicians, import/export moguls, politicians, full-time bloggers and columnists, financial consultants, or just plain stay-home moms/dads. Not to diss them, they are very successful at what they do. They just won’t have anything (or most things) to do with legal practice anymore.

What’s the deeper reason for this mass exodus?
What is nobody really saying?
What’s at the core?

We explore in our next article.
Stay with us.

Have a seat.